OK, I'm on LinkedIn, now what?


At Link and Grow we know how to support you to leverage the power of LinkedIn, and guide and direct your marketing efforts.



Make a big impact with small gestures.


Social media engagement is feeding a relationship by contacting your network with relevant, targeted open-ended questions. Ask how we can help you.


Do you need help with Lead generation in LinkedIn?


By adjusting a marketing strategy to deliver the best sales message to the right candidate, you will create phone calls from highly qualified and interested prospects. These inbound leads are far superior contacts because they have read your message, they have an interest in your services, and they did take the initiative to reach out to you.


How Can I get more business?


Once you’ve begun to build up a reliable network in the LinkedIn world, you’ll certainly find yourself with opportunities to relate to the people you know and with whom you have interacted.


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